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5 reasons Tampa makes a great city break

America’s Sunshine State has long tourists across the pond with the promise of sublime coastal scenery, glamorous cities and...
In Lifestyle, North America, Travel - 27 Nov 2022, 15:01



My 1971 Range Rover MK1 takes on Cumbria's Hardknott Pass

This breath-taking Cumberland route is definitely not one for the faint-hearted. 
In Lifestyle, Home & Garden, Travel - 08 Oct 2022, 17:01

Why not take a balmy trip to Andalusia?

Escape the stress of rising fuel bills at the new Club Med Magna Marbella resort,...
In Travel, Europe - 27 Sep 2022, 09:01

Why it’s time to re-energise with flower power on botanic beauty St Lucia

In Travel, World, Tourism - 18 Sep 2022, 16:01

A scenic 187 km trip from Vila Real de Santo Antônio to Monsaraz

In Travel, Lifestyle, Portugal - 13 Sep 2022, 19:01

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Chin-Ups for Children!

Graham Morgan, 60, has successfully attempted a World Record for the number of chin-up repetitions completed in 24 hours with an...
In Good News, Lifestyle, Algarve, World - 03 Dec 2022, 18:01

Air fryer scams!

Isn't it ghastly to think that there are scammers out there who are perfectly willing...
In Portugal, Lifestyle

Portugal-born Nobel Prize winner who ignored punctuation

Portugal has had great writers who have taken the country name and placed it on the map...
In Portugal, Lifestyle, Education

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Vilamoura Holiday Villas & Property Management by Clever Details

Clever Details is a property management company based in Vilamoura near the marina. 
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Americans treated to best exchange rate for 20 years

Portuguese property is even better value for our American clients this Summer, thanks to...
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