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Farmers looking for support

Agricultural leaders from Portugal and Spain have demanded more aid from the European Union for extensive livestock production.
In News, Portugal, Business, Environment, Europe - 03 Dec 2022, 08:05

The ili pika - Another animal on an endangered list

In Environment, Lifestyle - 27 Nov 2022, 13:01


Sustainability Renature


No more support for eucalyptus planting

In 2023, the Government will "revert" support for the planting of eucalyptus, with the objective of reducing and...
In News, Portugal, Environment - 23 Nov 2022, 15:04

Giving second-hand clothes a chance

The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) takes place from 19 to 27 November. This...
In Environment, Portugal, Lifestyle - 23 Nov 2022, 13:01

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Chin-Ups for Children!

Graham Morgan, 60, has successfully attempted a World Record for the number of chin-up repetitions completed in 24 hours with an...
In Good News, Lifestyle, Algarve, World - 03 Dec 2022, 18:01

Air fryer scams!

Isn't it ghastly to think that there are scammers out there who are perfectly willing...
In Portugal, Lifestyle

Portugal-born Nobel Prize winner who ignored punctuation

Portugal has had great writers who have taken the country name and placed it on the map...
In Portugal, Lifestyle, Education


Portugal in top 15 for climate performance

Portugal is in the group of 15 countries with the best climate performance, even climbing two positions, according to the Climate...
In Sustainability , World - 14 Nov 2022, 20:02

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Portugal up against Turkey for F1 race

In News, Portugal, Sport - 03 Dec 2022, 15:03

Lisbon one of the happiest cities in the world

In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 29 Nov 2022, 12:03


Renature Monchique keeps on growing

With Ryanair's help they are off the ground and flying.
In Renature, Algarve - 16 Nov 2022, 16:01

Some animals are endangered

And guess whose fault it is?
In Renature - 12 Nov 2022, 10:09

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Desalination plant considered for Alentejo coast

The Government is studying the opening of a desalination plant for the “cleaning” of...
In News, Portugal, Environment, Algarve, Alentejo - 11 Nov 2022, 20:05

"Shameful" 21% recycling rate

The environmental association Zero has stated that recycling remains “shamefully at...
In News, Portugal, Environment - 11 Nov 2022, 17:04

Works at Algarve wetland suspended

The Loulé Administrative Court has accepted an injunction from the People-Animals-Nature...
In News, Portugal, Environment, Algarve - 11 Nov 2022, 12:05

The Alagoas Brancas wetlands have been at the centre of controversy regarding the building of a commercial space in the area.

Injunction filed at Algarve wetland

The People-Animals-Nature (PAN) party has filed an injunction in the Administrative and...
In News, Portugal, Environment, Algarve - 08 Nov 2022, 14:05

Portugal ready to be carbon neutral in 2045

The Prime Minister has stated that Portugal is meeting conditions that allow it to bring...
In News, Portugal, Environment - 07 Nov 2022, 19:03

The Alagoas Brancas wetlands have been at the centre of controversy regarding the building of a commercial space in the area.

Construction on Algarve wetland “burying species alive”

The PAN party has announced that it will file a complaint with the Public Ministry to...
In News, Portugal, Environment, Algarve - 31 Oct 2022, 10:04