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Mercadona opening first store in Lisbon

The Spanish group will open a supermarket in Oeiras on December 15. 
In News, Business, Portugal, Company News - 01 Dec 2022, 15:04


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Another new Aldi opens

The supermarket group Aldi has opened another store in the district of Viana do Castelo, the 115th in the country.
In News, Business, Portugal, Company News - 18 Nov 2022, 10:30

MB Way now available for Uber payments

It is now possible to pay for your trips and orders online on the Uber and Uber Eats...
In News, Portugal, Company News - 16 Nov 2022, 12:02

Welcome to Herdade Bonanza, the ultimate pet resort in the Algarve.

In Company News, Algarve - 11 Nov 2022, 10:11

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Chin-Ups for Children!

Graham Morgan, 60, has successfully attempted a World Record for the number of chin-up repetitions completed in 24 hours with an...
In Good News, Lifestyle, Algarve, World - 03 Dec 2022, 18:01

Air fryer scams!

Isn't it ghastly to think that there are scammers out there who are perfectly willing...
In Portugal, Lifestyle

Portugal-born Nobel Prize winner who ignored punctuation

Portugal has had great writers who have taken the country name and placed it on the map...
In Portugal, Lifestyle, Education

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Serenity, the support you need for a smooth transition into Portuguese healthcare

When you plan to move or just have recently moved to a foreign country, you’ll need a...
In Health, Portugal, Company News - 04 Nov 2022, 10:01

Feeling indecisive? See what type of luxury property might suit you

When you are thinking of buying a luxury home the question which almost always arises is...
In Company News, Business, Property, Algarve - 04 Nov 2022, 09:01

10% of Portuguese with Revolut account

The British fintech says that almost 10% of Portuguese have an account with Revolut and...
In News, Portugal, Business, Company News - 03 Nov 2022, 11:03

Coca-Cola sales up 25.5%

Coca-Cola sales in the Iberian Peninsula increased by 25.5%, to 2.341 billion euros, in...
In News, Business, Portugal, Company News - 03 Nov 2022, 08:02

Baden Bower Now Ranked One of Australia’s Top PR Agencies

The market size of the advertising and publicity sector in Australia, measured by revenue,...
In Company News - 02 Nov 2022, 11:01

€1.1 billion revenue for TAP

In the 3rd quarter of the year, TAP recorded a positive net result of €1.1 billion.
In News, Business, Portugal, Company News - 02 Nov 2022, 08:04