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Upcoming AAA Lectures

On Tuesday 6th December, the Algarve Archaeological Association (AAA) will be presenting two lectures, in English, by Dra...
In Community, Events, Algarve - 03 Dec 2022, 14:01



APAA ‘Pop-Up’ at ‘O Tasco’

Closing into Christmas fast on their magic sleigh is APAA’s ‘Pop-Up’ trail. Now leading to ‘O Tasco’ on Friday 2nd...
In Community, Events, Algarve - 28 Nov 2022, 09:01

Surrealists take to the stage

Appearing on stage in São Brás - Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, and the...
In Community, Events, Algarve - 27 Nov 2022, 19:01

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Chin-Ups for Children!

Graham Morgan, 60, has successfully attempted a World Record for the number of chin-up repetitions completed in 24 hours with an...
In Good News, Lifestyle, Algarve, World - 03 Dec 2022, 18:01

Air fryer scams!

Isn't it ghastly to think that there are scammers out there who are perfectly willing...
In Portugal, Lifestyle

Portugal-born Nobel Prize winner who ignored punctuation

Portugal has had great writers who have taken the country name and placed it on the map...
In Portugal, Lifestyle, Education

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Algarve History Association Autumn Programme

Autumn programme announced. 
In Community, Events, Algarve - 20 Nov 2022, 09:01

Quinta Shopping Christmas Fair 2022

Get in the festive spirit of the holiday season approaching and visit the...
In Community, Events, Algarve - 20 Nov 2022, 08:01

Vilamoura International School Christmas Fair

Through its next Christmas Fair, the Vilamoura International School community will...
In Community, Events, Algarve - 19 Nov 2022, 18:01

Zoom presentation on the G20 Summit

On Tuesday, 22nd November at 1:30pm there will be a Zoom presentation on the G20 Summit...
In Community, Events, Environment, Algarve - 19 Nov 2022, 11:01

Happy Holidays!

Is it ever too early? Or too late? Christmas isn’t just a date. It is a feeling. A time...
In Community, Events, Algarve - 19 Nov 2022, 10:01

Carvoeiro RC Mass in English

We will be celebrating Catholic Mass together in English this Sunday 20 November at...
In Community, Algarve, Events - 19 Nov 2022, 08:01

VilaNova brings three weekends of classical music to Monchique

In Community, Music, Algarve - 18 Nov 2022, 18:01